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Parking Solutions

Parking Management

Parking management using workspace management solutions optimizes parking spaces through advanced technologies, ensuring efficient access, monitoring, and allocation for users and organizations.

Access Control Devices

Enable seamless entry and exit with QR code scanning for reserved parking slots.

Booking System

Allow employees to view parking layouts and reserve slots via an app, ensuring efficient space allocation.

Parking Guidance Systems

Utilize ultrasonic sensors and digital signage to display available parking spaces at multi-level entries.

Real-Time Monitoring

Workspace management solutions with occupancy monitoring open spaces for best use after a set duration.

Lock Solutions

Smart Lockers

Smart Lockers in workspace management solutions depend on software, using data and security insights as critical components. No matter the project size, battery-powered innovative locker systems from Aastrotech are the ideal solution for a workspace that wants to benefit from a secure, easily retrofitted intelligent locker system. Smart Lockers provided by Aastrotech, secure storage, reduce device loss, and support
click-and-collect, backed by real-time analytics for informed decisions.

Easy Retrofit

Easily replace coin or mechanical locks using the existing holes.

Reduced Costs

Low maintenance and administrative efforts.

Durable and secure

Robust, with high-quality design and vandalism-proof locks.

Access Tracking

BT locks provide a complete usage trail detailing each lock and unlock event, which enhances security and monitoring in workspace management solutions.

Virtual Reception Service

Visitor Management

Visitor management in workspace management solutions refers to any system or process that helps an organization monitor and record the individuals who visit their premises. Workspace management solutions typically involve tracking visitor information, managing visitor access, and following security protocols.

Secure Integration

It uses Single Sign On (SSO) for seamless integration with Office 365, GMail, and other email clients.

Instant Notifications

Hosts receive immediate email alerts upon visitor check-in, enabling prompt approvals and responses.

Customizable Check-In

Visitors can enter details on a customizable tab, ensuring a smooth and personalized check-in process.

Efficient QR Code Check-In

The system generates QR codes for visitors, allowing quick and secure check-in via scanning at the reception.

Meeting Room Management

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting Room Management in Workspace Solutions is a system that makes booking and managing meeting rooms easier. It organizes and optimizes meeting spaces utilizing scheduling software and visual displays. This procedure eliminates booking conflicts, promotes effective room utilization, and increases productivity.

Seamless Integration

Works with Okta, Gmail, and Office 365 via Single Sign-On.

Visual Room Availability

The app shows CADs of the office layout, enabling employees to check quickly and book available meeting rooms.

Easy Booking

Employees book rooms through a mobile app.

Maximized Usage

Occupancy sensors make unoccupied rooms available for others.

Desk Utilization System 

Hot Desking

Hot desking, or “hoteling,” is a workspace management solution where employees share desks at various times. It eliminates assigned seating, allowing businesses to make the most of their work area and reduce unused space.

Employees use Hot Desking to book the desk of their choice. Managers, Team Leaders, HR, or any admin can book the desk for the whole year. Optionally, at a granular level, Astro can deploy occupancy sensors at each desk to confirm the occupancy post-booking.

Flexible Booking

Employees and managers can easily reserve desks catering to individual and team needs.

Efficient Space Use

Occupancy sensors ensure optimal desk usage, reducing idle spaces.

Long-Term Planning

Desks can be booked for the entire year, allowing consistent workspace planning.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

Sensor data accurately tracks desk use, facilitating improved decisions for workspace management solutions

Navigation Solutions


Wayfinding involves planning and navigating routes to reach a destination. Experiential wayfinding, enhanced by Aastrotech’s intelligent platform, offers personalized navigation tailored to each user’s needs. This advanced approach is a critical component of workspace management solutions.

Interactive Interface

Simplified tasks with an interactive interface for better workspace management solutions.

Real-time Updates

Stay updated instantly with real-time information, keeping you informed and ahead of the curve.

Enhanced Navigation

Find your way quickly with enhanced navigation features.

Color Coding

Color coding enhances navigation and reinforces brand identity by assigning specific colors to different zones.

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