The Future of Infrastructure Management

Internet of Things



In the current day and age, technology powers every aspect of efficiently running a modern business.
IoT solutions in smart buildings are a reliable, secure and data-driven approach to assist the organization in meeting its goals and maintaining a competitive edge while gathering the right insights and analytics.

IoT facilitates seamless communication between people, processes and things to bring efficiency.
IoT implementation helps organizations save money and provide a better experience to the stakeholders.

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Hybrid Workspace Management Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects—“things”—embedded with sensors, software and technologies that connect with other devices over the internet to exchange data seamlessly.
The data collected from their environment is used to learn and adapt in real-time to deliver automated services. IOT Solutions in Smart Buildings facilitates seamless communication between people, process and things to bring efficiency.

Make Your Building Smarter with our Integrated IoT solutions

Remarkable results from our IoT solutions:

Reducing Energy Consumption

Improving Building Efficiency

Predictive Maintenance

Uninterrupted Productivity


Smart Building Development Journey

1. Passive
The IoT sensors are embedded into individual building systems or the fabric of the building, to gather and analyze systems performance, environmental and/or space utilization data.

2. Active
Where data from users is captured via desk or meeting room software, augmented with data from IoT sensors is used to drive analytics and systems settings.

3. Interactive / Dynamic
Where data from both IoT sensors and software systems is integrated into an interactive solution to provide a granular view of building performance as well as dynamic systems responses.

The 3 key phases of this model:


IOT Solutions in Smart Buildings

Workspace Management Solutions

Workspace Booking

Reserve your desk, meeting room or parking space in the workplace to start your day

Touchless Entry

Use the digital key on your phone to unlock the door of your workplace

Visitor Management

Invite and register guests using a digital reception app, get notified when your guests arrive and register themselves

Meeting Room

Manage meeting room schedules, minimise no-show reservations and late arrivals.

Hot Desking

Easily check-in to your meeting room or desk using digital panels or QR codes


Wayfinding for a unique experience while navigating to your desired destination

Facility Management Solutions

Environment Control Air Quality

Improve indoor air quality for better health, wellbeing and productivity of building occupants.

Smart HVAC Control

For favourable and efficient HVAC Management adopt analytics of current and past data

Lighting Management System

Enable seamless communication between the installed luminaires, and enhance their efficiency

Asset Management

Have full visibility of all the IT & non-IT assets in stock or in use

Washroom Management

Increased hygiene requirements call for smart washroom management systems

Energy & Sustainability Governance

Save Energy & Increase the Sustainability of Your Enterprise with End-to-End Intelligence


Sensor Architecture - Separate of IT Network

Sensor & App Architecture




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