IoT-based Building Management Systems (BMS) have gained significant popularity in the facility management industry. The evolving landscape of organizational infrastructure presents a new set of challenges and standards that facility…..

Real-Time Data, Real-Time Solutions: Advantages of IoT-Based BMS (Building Management Systems)

Washroom Management - Data-Driven Cleanliness


IoT-based Building Management Systems (BMS) have gained significant popularity in the facility management industry. The evolving landscape of organizational infrastructure presents a new set of challenges and standards that facility management teams must swiftly adapt to.

Building Management Systems (BMS) have existed since the 1950s and have consistently played a crucial role in efficient building management. However, with changing times and evolving technologies, traditional BMSs often need help to meet new requirements, keep up with operations, and match the speed of infrastructural expansion within organizations.

An IoT-based BMS is beneficial for both the facility team and organizational administrators.

Why are IoT-based BMS highly sought after?

Excellent for reducing expenses

Using an IoT-based BMS can significantly reduce capital expenditure costs. With the recent advancements in related technology, prices are decreasing even more. According to reports, an IoT-based BMS has the potential to reduce deployment costs significantly!

In addition, after deployment, an IoT-based BMS will continue to provide cost savings and enhance operational efficiency. We can substantially decrease energy consumption by emphasizing the importance of energy utilization. Utilizing data-driven decision-making can significantly improve asset health and performance by optimizing maintenance, preventive maintenance, and occupancy-based utilization. This is crucial when calculating the current assets and infrastructure return on investment.

When office space is well-managed, it leads to a more efficient workforce and a noticeable increase in productivity.

    Admins will greatly appreciate the convenience

    An IoT-based BMS offers a wide range of beneficial features. Information is easily accessible and can be utilized to make informed decisions regarding asset replacement, maintenance scheduling, safety alerts, and other related matters.

    One of the most notable features of the cloud-based SaaS BMS platforms is the convenience of remotely accessing and managing building operations and automating various functions within the building.

    Helps achieve your sustainability Goals

    Washroom Management - Data-Driven Cleanliness1

    Understanding energy utilization and tracking asset health and performance can provide valuable insights for making informed decisions about maintenance needs and identifying areas of high energy consumption. This is beneficial for preventing unnecessary energy consumption and avoiding unnecessary breakdowns resulting in excessive energy usage.

    Analyzing energy usage data allows for detecting malfunctioning assets and effectively planning preventive maintenance tasks to avoid unexpected failures.

    An IoT-based BMS can meet your diverse sustainability requirements and support your sustainability efforts. This can be attractive to your stakeholders and assist you in meeting the current and future sustainability requirements for buildings.

    Facilitates informed decision-making

    One significant advantage of IoT-based BMS is the ability to access real-time data, which sets it apart from conventional systems. With IoT-based BMS, data from various sensors and devices throughout the building is continuously collected and transmitted, eliminating the need for manual readings or periodic checks. This live data offers facility managers insights into building performance, energy consumption, equipment status, and occupant behaviour. This timely information allows for proactive decision-making, quick issue detection, and efficient resource optimization. Having access to up-to-date data, facility managers can make well-informed choices to boost efficiency, cut expenses, and improve occupant comfort.

    Designed to be adaptable

    An IoT layer can seamlessly integrate into your current infrastructure and building devices. There is no need to remove or replace any of these. The simplicity of upgrading your facility with IoT is unparalleled!

    As with any growing facility, there will inevitably be a need to expand and make room for additional devices. With an IoT-based BMS, you can easily incorporate new devices and assets into your current building and effortlessly broaden it to other buildings in your portfolio.

    Prioritizing safety and security

    Washroom Management - Data-Driven Cleanliness1

    Ensuring safety and security is of the utmost importance in any Building Management System (BMS), and IoT-based systems genuinely shine in this aspect. By incorporating IoT devices and sensors, these systems provide improved safety measures that safeguard the building’s occupants and the infrastructure.

    An IoT-based BMS provides facility managers with a wide range of security features, enhancing their ability to effectively manage and protect their facilities. Integrating intelligent surveillance cameras, access control systems, and motion sensors enables a centralized monitoring and management system for the entire security infrastructure. This level of integration allows effective control, monitoring, and response to security breaches or unauthorized access attempts.


    IoT-based BMS systems are transforming the facility management industry by providing many benefits that surpass traditional systems. These systems offer facility managers valuable insights into building performance, allowing for proactive decision-making and resource optimization thanks to real-time data availability.

    By adopting IoT technology, facility managers can enhance operational efficiency, lower expenses, improve occupant comfort, and promote a more secure environment. With the ever-changing landscape of the facility management industry, it is crucial to adopt IoT-based BMS to stay ahead and fully utilize the capabilities of intelligent and interconnected buildings.

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